Julien Beau & Mokuhen – Paysage accidenté #1

Tsuku Boshi Records

Nous sommes très heureux de vous annoncer la sortie du premier album de Julien Beau & Mokuhen. Premier album d’une série inspirée par “Les paysages accidentés” de CHLOE POIZAT (www.chloepoizat.com)

We are very happy to announce you the release of the first album of Julien Beau and Mokuhen. First album of an inspired series by ” Les paysages accidentés” (The damaged landscapes) of CHLOE POIZAT ( www.chloepoizat.com )

Julien Beau & Mokuhen – Paysage accidenté #1
Label : Tsuku Boshi
Date : 25/04/2016

Julien Beau : field recordings, piano préparé, computer, …
Mokuhen : computer

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Festival / Taipei Digital Art Festival

21 November l Taipei Digital Art Festival, Taiwan

■ Ina-GRM X DAC Taiwan et la France pionnier de la musique électronique et programme d’échange artistique
Ina-GRM X DAC Nouveau projet de musique électronique

14: 00-15: 20
nouvelle génération de l’art sonore électronique —
Concert Musique électronique de nouvelle génération –
Le concert des lauréats du concours de composition acousmatique
Petites Formes France – Taiwan 2014

FENG Ling-Hsuan : SET (2014) – 4’15
Jules WYSOCKI : Esquisse aux cris (2013) – 6’00
CHEN Ying-Jung : Mirage (2014) – 4’30
SHIH Yu : Ring (2014) – 4’43
Pierre-Axel IZERABLE : Mars (2013) – 3’05
WANG Ting-Yun : Industrial Noise (2014) – 6’02
Adrien GARCIA : La Isla (2013/14) – 3’23
LIN Chia-I : Gravity (2014) – 4’02
Julien BEAU : Les poupées de Népenthès (2014) – 3’36
Maxime BARTHELEMY : Bleu, blanche, rouges (2014) – 6’06
JIANG Shu-Ya : A Hidden Kid’s Memory playmate, machine and a broken armor (2013) – 4’16
Ségolène NEYROUD : Feral Thunderstorm (2013) – 4’44


15: 40-17: 00
Rencontres de la musique électronique française et artiste sonore – Daniel Terruggi
FRANCE – TAIWAN, Rencontre avec le directeur de Ina-GRM et de la musique électronique – Daniel Teruggi

17: 20-18: 50
Concert de Pioneer Electronic Music – France Ina-GRM


Festival Futura

Festival FUTURA
Contre(r) l’habitude / Si l’artiste, en bon artisan, est celui qui fait montre d’un savoir-faire, il n’en aime pas moins se confronter à l’inconnu. Au fil du temps, il crée sa propre « patte », reconnaissable entre mille, que l’on suit d’une œuvre à l’autre, pour différentes qu’elles soient. Mais que se passe-t-il lorsqu’il décide de mettre en danger ce qui d’une certaine manière assure son identité ? Décalages ou déphasages, botter en touche, créer les conditions d’une différence, aborder son travail depuis un angle insoupçonné et se surprendre soi-même ; sortir par la porte, armé de ses certitudes pour mieux revenir par la fenêtre avec dans les mains quelques gemmes ignorées ; changer tout simplement ses habitudes, car le confort est l’ennemi de la création. Telle serait l’idée maitresse derrière l’édition 2015 du festival Futura : nous avons proposé aux compositeurs et artistes sonores de faire autre chose ou de faire ce qu’ils font, mais de le faire différemment. Garder ainsi en mémoire que composer c’est d’abord faire l’expérience d’une nouveauté, d’une surprise, et qu’afin que cette surprise advienne et perdure aux fils des œuvres et des années, il ne faut avoir de cesse de casser les automatismes, contrarier les attendus (à commencer par les siens propres), tenter l’inédit, oser la contrainte ou la liberté, feindre de renier ce que l’on sait, laisser venir à soi des sensations nouvelles … Que se passe-t-il lorsque l’on tente de faire ce que l’on ne fait pas d’habitude ? Voici donc, en peu de mots, ce que nous proposons. Faire de la 23ème édition du festival Futura l’opportunité de bouger les lignes et de chahuter les esthétiques ; faire de cet événement le creuset d’un renouvèlement permanent des arts du son ; faire que chacune des œuvres qui s’y feront entendre ne soient pas qu’une œuvre de plus dans un catalogue infini ; faire que jeunes compositeurs ou créateurs confirmés se rejoignent dans une même volonté d’invention.

Le Festival Futura 2015 c’est 20 concerts, 1 Nuit Blanche, plus de 50 compositeurs joués dont Kasper T. Toeplitz, Hans Tutschku, 100 haut-parleurs, 6 interprètes sur acousmonium, des portraits de Frédéric Kahn, Agnès Poisson, 13 créations mondiales dont celles de Lucie Prod’homme, Jacques Stibler…, concert anniversaire Ivo Malec, nouvelle génération de compositeurs : Julien Beau, Sophie Delafontaine, , François Dumeaux, Livia Giovaninetti, Paul Ramage…, hommages à Luc Ferrari, Tod Dockstader, Patrick Ascione, acousma internationale (Japon, Belgique, USA, Angleterre, Autriche, Allemagne…), des vidéos-acousmas Robert Cahen/Nicolas Verin, Kei Shichiri/ Tomonari Higaki, Theres Cassini/Dieter Kaufmann… www.festivalfutura.fr

Aposiopèse @ DELACHARGE

Music for speakers. Concert : ‘Lab_sin’ & ‘Aposiopèse’. Field recordings, improv, electronics.
25.02.2015 Event @ DelachargeMarc Baron + Thomas Tilly + Yvan Etienne

Opening @ 19:30 pm. 6 euros.
Info / booking: +(32)0 26 082 212 / collectifsin@gmail.com

DelachargeThéodore Verhaegenstratt, 152. 1060, Sint-Gillis / Saint Gilles. Brussels. Be.
Tram 81/83 to : Bethleem. Metro “Porte de Hal / Hallepoort”

Where : map.




There are sounds that he gathers, those that he makes up, there is all that he settles before with protocols and that he deploys.
And above all, there is what comes here to ears, sometimes by accident, when the material is worked on in the studio, by the tape itself, by the microphone.
in the beginning, The form that it takes (broadcasting, performance, record) depends essentialy on the music itself. When it makes sense, the context or the space of the broadcast can determine the facts.
The complexity of qualities, their assembling is the core of this music ; seized between a semblance of realism and the desire for the gratest vagueness.

A search for a tension.

Photograph : © Alice Cuvelier. (2009).

Review of “Hidden tapes” –  (Cd Potlacth. 2014.) – By The Watchful ear :
Baron’s music is often unusual, mysterious and exciting. With this new release for the increasingly fine Potlatch label however it also feels highly personal and even emotional.
Previously a saxophonist, Baron has ceased to play that instrument for a few years now, and this new disc seems to consist of electroacoustic constructions made primarily from old tapes, presumably from Baron’s private collection. Notes at the Potlatch website tell us that grabs from movies and classical or liturgical music are also churned into the mix. There are five tracks, mostly titled with dates, perhaps linking back to when the tapes used here were first recorded, but as with much of this album, and Baron’s work in general, so much is left for us to guess at. The five pieces essentially exist as streams of thick, heavy abstraction- spluttering, noisy outbursts, blurry, almost mechanical smears and all kinds of electronic, or electroacoustic distraction, often at relatively high volume. These however fracture often, sometimes slipping into silence, but also often letting what we must assume to be the original content of the tapes to peer through the clouds of noise. So we hear bits of conversation, music, chatter, and a load more besides suddenly surfacing, and often disappearing even more abruptly.

(… ) One of the best things I have heard in quite a long time and completely essential.+ More : www.thewatchfulear.com/?p=8984

listen :





Field recordings : Musician whose principle instrument is a microphone. For twelve years he has been composing, inventing sound art installations and teaching. His work has been presented in more than 15 countries. Tilly finds inspiration in different environmental analysis protocols and how they have impact on the notion of listening.

Review of ‘Script geometry’ / (Album. 2Lp+Cd) 2014 –  By 5 against 4 :
Cage’s inclusion of natural sounds as musical entities finds a resonance in Script Geometry, the striking new double album from French sound artist Thomas Tilly, out now on the Aposiopèse label. Tilly’s starting point is a collection of field recordings made over the course of a month spent in the tropical rainforest of French Guiana. He describes how he “listened to and captured the sound environment with an emphasis on animal communications, those which are perceptible to the human ear, but also the inaudible that exist in the ultrasonic spectrum”. These recordings are presented in two ways, the first of which is overtly hands-off, Tilly allowing them to speak for themselves in a raw state, without editing or mixing. But far more impressive are the several pieces Tilly composes using these recordings, mixing & layering them into awesome vistas of sound. Sometimes (as in the opening track, ‘At night, mass’) this appears at first hearing to result in cacophony, but gradually one realises there’s a huge sense of perspective, enabling listening at different ‘depths’, so to speak. Another composition, ‘Crossroads, phasing’, challenges the instinct (for both recordist & listener) to move on from a seemingly unchanging sound, but persistence is rewarded, as the soundworld is constantly in flux; furthermore, this track powerfully conveys the heat of Tilly’s environment, practically conjuring up humidity. An engrossing album, it’s crowned with a one-hour untouched ‘reference recording’ that opens a large-scale window on the epic panorama of the rainforest. Aposiopèse have spared nothing in presentation: Script Geometry is available as a sumptuous double-vinyl set (cut by none other than Rashad Becker) with the reference recording on an accompanying CD; for the turntabley-challenged, there’s a lossless digital edition also available.

Thomas Tilly will perform “Script geometry”at Delacharge.  +info

listen :




Yvan Etienne is artist/activist engaged in research in the field of sound art. (specific site installations, concerts,). As a musician/, He composes and plays pieces using  electronic, phonography, analog synthesizers and the hurdy-gurdy. Its sound-art research questions the perception and physicality of sound spaces. Also independant curator & editor of the collection “oh cet echo” at Presses du Réel, he’s concerned with the diffusion of sound & intermedia practices since 1994. Founder of the sound workshop at HEAR/Mulhousei, Art school of Mulhou and co-manager of SONIC, master of sound research. 

Review of ”Feu” (Album. Cd) 2014 – By Neural (Italy) :
Yvan Etienne is active as a sound experimenter interested in issues surrounding site-specific audio installations and as a composer proposing weighty reflections on perception and the physicality of sounds in space. Etienne has not been lacking for collaborative work in recent years, undertaking projects and performance with the likes of Phill Niblock, Yann Gourdon, Richard Glover, Brice Jeannin, Patrice Grente, Julien Ottavi, Robert Poss, Paul Panhuysen, Marie and Verry Joachim Montessuis, to name a few, as well as acting as curator and director of the Ohcetecho aux Presses Du Réel collection. For the three tracks of his first solo album Etienne manipulates various field recordings, a Serge modular synthesizer and a hurdy-gurdy (whether ancient or modern is not known). The result is a sound simultaneously fluffy yet stinging, replete with ambient noise, drones and sparse sequences that feel grainy and menacing, hovering somewhere between organic and inorganic. The impressive scores are very dense and layered, building to a crescendo that is harmonious and addictive, despite the fixity of the narration. Strongly iterative, immersive and resonant, the work reflects a keen sense of spatiality and dynamics. The listening is pleasant but never too conciliatory, favoring moods that are rather spacey and sidereal, infused with vintage synths, tools made popular in the mid-seventies by artists such as Frank Zappa, Jon Hassell, Sonic Boom, Richie Hawtin and Vince Clarke that have now achieved “cult” status among fans of modular analogue gear.

listen :





Concert / Muse session #2



à 20:30

16 rue Marcelin Berthelot
94140 Alfortville

Métro 8 École vétérinaire

Entrée libre

La Muse en Circuit et Motus, compagnie en résidence au Centre national de création musicale, expérimentent les nouveaux types de représentation au Théâtre-Studio d’Alfortville.

Second rendez-vous des MuseSessions, expériences sonores et sensorielles où musique acousmatique, improvisation instrumentale et électroacoustique, vidéo, texte, musique contemporaine s’entrelacent au cours du concert où s’alternent visuel, musique, texte lu…

Avec :

Thierry Balasse (gants larsen, synthétiseur analogique, percussions et ordinateur) et Benoît Marchand (voix) improvisation texte/musique à partir du recueil Nous, le ciel de Rémi Chechetto.

Denis Streibig Des Lianes et des stèles [2012] 14’08 acousmatique

Julien Beau Transformer 10′ video-acousma

François Dumeaux イカルス – Ikarusu [2011] 15’13 acousmatique

Environnement sonore : Motus
interprète sur acousmonium : Olivier Lamarche


Concert “Petites formes” / Centre culturel de Taiwan

Concours de Musique Acousmatique petites formes 2014 France – Taiwan
Centre culturel de Taiwan à Paris (78 rue de l’Université, 75007 Paris)
Entrée gratuite

Métro 12 : Solférino / RER C : Musée d’Orsay

FENG Ling-Hsuan : SET (2014)
Jules WYSOCKI : Esquisse aux cris (2013)
CHEN Ying-Jung : Mirage (2014)
SHIH Yu : Ring (2014)
Pierre-Axel IZERABLE : Mars (2013)
WANG Ting-Yun : Industrial Noise (2014)
LIAO Lin-Ni : Le train de la vie I – LR (2010)


Adrien GARCIA : La Isla (2013/14)
LIN Chia-I : Gravity (2014)
Julien BEAU : Les poupées de Népenthès (2014)
Maxime BARTHELEMY : Bleu, blanche, rouges (2014)
JIANG Shu-Ya : A Hidden Kid’s Memory playmate, machine and a broken armor (2013)
Ségolène NEYROUD : Feral Thunderstorm (2013)
TSENG Yu-Chung : As Butterflies Flying Under the Curtain (2013)
Christian ELOY : L’Estran (1995)

Info. www.tpmc-paris.com
Renseignement – petitesformes2014@gmail.com

DWS / Random Access Tape


A collaborative musique-concrete recording comprised of randomly sequenced micro-compositions by deepwhitesound artists. This limited edition cassette serves as a physical document of work created for Stream Room, a multi-channel sound installation.

Random Access Tape seeks to explore the contrasts, flaws and benefits of digital vs analog distribution of sound art and experimental music. All work on this recording was submitted via the internet between January and July of 2014 and committed to tape in August of 2014 ahead of the debut exhibition of Stream Room at FalseFront in Portland, OR. The cassette is produced and distributed under the Creative Commons license. The cassette may be reproduced in its entirety and redistributed with certain stipulations. Any parties interested in obtaining a copy of the cassette to broadcast / archive / redistribute / share may contact db@deepwhitesound.com.

Featured Artists:

  • {AN}_Eel
  • 061180
  • Zaron Mizmeras
  • Ak’Chamel
  • Amir Coyle
  • Andrew Cosentino
  • Big Drum in the Sky Religion
  • City Dragon
  • Cody Brant
  • Daitse
  • Emmanuel Gattuso
  • George Christian
  • Idol Eyes
  • Jared C. Balogh
  • Julien Beau
  • Justin Marc Lloyd
  • Lezet
  • Marcello Magliocchi
  • Matthias Boss
  • New Fast
  • Nihilist Fisherman
  • Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
  • Sonia DeSaint Juste
  • Spectacle Arrangement
  • Stephen Emmerson
  • Talk Midway
  • The Lost and Found Sound
  • Their Teeth to Points
  • Tomas Tello
  • uvovu
  • Yacob
  • Wartime Tapestry